Laws & Morrison
Laws Observatory located on top of the Astronomy & Physics
building on the UMC Campus in Columbia,Missouri sports a 16"
Celestron Scmidt Cassagrain telescope, a computer room and an
astronomy exhibit room with a collection of autographed pictures
from NASA Mission Control, astronauts, engineers and people
who are connected with NASA you would not of thought of. We
also currently have a Star Trek display also. CMAA opens Laws
every Wednesday nights except holiday eves from 8-10pm and
other special nights .And now has a fully operational telescope at
Wildhaven.  Click on the Wildhaven link above and the Upcoming
Events to find out more!!!
Laws Observatory
at the old location until
being moved to it's
present location.
Morrison Observatory
Central Methodist College Campus
Fayette Missouri
Morrison houses a 12" Alvin Clark refractor telescope that was made
in the late 1800's.
The observatory was originally located in Glascow Missouri with
money donated by Bernice Morrison, then later moved to Fayette after
funds were mismanaged.
The observatory is open to the public twice a year, once in the spring
and in fall on selected thursday nights for about 8 weeks from 7-9pm.
The observatory is worth the drive just to see even if it is still too
cloudy for telescope viewing.
Alvin Clark Brothers
Makers of some of the
finest telescopes in the
world to this day
NASA Wall of Fame